Mike Morse to the Orioles?

Um, yes, please.

With 30 minutes left before the trade deadline, there are rumors abuzz that the Baltimore Orioles are interested in Seattle Mariners outfielder Michael Morse, among others. Morse has been injured for much of the year and “hasn’t recorded a hit since June,” as CBS Sports writers like to continue mentioning, but he’s hitting home runs at about the same rate he did in 2010 and 2011. And that’s while playing at Safeco Field, a place that saps superhero hitters of their ultra-strength power. According to ESPN’s Park Factors, Safeco is the fifth-worst hitters’ park for home runs.

If Morse moved to Baltimore, he would be hitting at the sixth-best home run ballpark. That is no small change. And if these ratios mean anything, I’m expecting to Morse to hit maybe 12 home runs in his final 200 at-bats rather than, say, 10. Maybe it’s generous to assume he’ll keep hitting home runs at the same rate, but why not? He’s suffering from a depressed BAbip and his HR/FB rate is identical to his 2010/11 numbers.

Morse has been dropped in a lot of leagues because of his injury and is available in one-third of CBS leagues and almost half of ESPN leagues. But I get it. I wouldn’t want to waste a DL spot on a guy with a career. 289 average and 30-homer power either.

… Buy low, or high, or whatever! But if he gets traded, buy now! And even if he doesn’t, I’d still buy. As hard as it is may be to believe, he’s better than Marlon Byrd.


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