Pass on Charlie Culberson

The Colorado Rockies’ Charlie Culberson has been electric lately, batting .385 (15 for 39) in September with eight runs, five RBI and four stolen bases. Culberson was a first-round draft pick in 2007 with double-digit homers and steals potential, but his recent hot streak is somewhat of a mirage considering his long track record of low batting averages in the minors. And if I’m willing to tank on batting average for power in the middle infield, I would rather take the safe bet on Jedd Gyorko or gamble on a bounceback from Dan Uggla.

Meanwhile, from the looks of the injury to Baltimore Orioles third baseman Manny Machado, I wouldn’t be surprised if he misses not only Opening Day but also the entire 2014 season. I’m not doctor or anything, but if what I saw was multiple ligament tears, that means separate surgeries with separate recoveries and rehabs. Regardless, I’d give him six months, so banking on an Opening Day start would be optimistic although not entirely crazy.

Only one more week of baseball. Sad, very sad. I will be writing about player news, projections, so on and so forth throughout the offseason. Until then, enjoy the rest of the ride!

P.S. For all the Danny Salazar fans out there (me, and… anyone else? No? Come on, people), he is no longer on an innings limit. You heard me right, peeps. He’s a no-brainer for his final start in all fantasy formats.


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