The best and only Ben Revere fact you’ll ever need to know

Who is the only player in the last 30 years with at least 1,400 plate appearances and exactly zero home runs?

That’s right: your boy Ben Revere. The Phillies center fielder is in what one might call a power drought ever since making his MLB debut. Notable players to hit more home runs than Revere, given the PA qualification:

Tom Glavine (1 HR, 1645 PA)
Tim Flannery, ye of the on-base percentage 45 points higher than his slugging (4 HR, 1564 PA)
Greg Maddux (5 HR, 1812 PA)

Revere barely even accrues counting stats aside from stolen bases, making him a true one-trick pony, and he has never played in more than 124 games. Is he even worth drafting? Find out Friday in my 2014 outfielder rankings.


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