Updated SP rankings

Click here for updated SP rankings.

I have updated the starting pitcher rankings to reflect offseason signings, rotation battles and spring training injuries — and holy cow, have there been a lot of spring training injuries.

I also truncated the list to the top 90 pitchers. I will write about my favorite pitchers outside the top 90 because a lot of them are really good; they simply won’t get enough get enough starts or pitch enough innings for them to crack the top 90 in value. In terms of stuff, though, there are plenty of diamonds to find in the rough.

Stock up: James Paxton, Justin Verlander, Ervin Santana

Stock down: Cole Hamels (shoulder), Hisashi Iwakuma (finger), Kris Medlen (elbow), Patrick Corbin (elbow), Jarrod Parker (elbow), A.J. Griffin (elbow), Brandon Beachy (elbow), Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez



  1. Tony

    Wacha has had a great spring, so being a top 25 pitcher on this list is creeping ever more justified. I am a little surprised that R. Montero has not been traded or made a starter for the Mets. Now there is talk of moving him to the bullpen. Too bad because he did quite well in PCL AAA, in particular one of the most offensive prone environments in minor league baseball.

    • Need a Streamer?

      Montero seems pretty blocked, with Jenrry Mejia at #5 and at least Dice-K and Carlos Torres behind him. Not to say any of those guys are particularly special. At this point it looks like a service time thing. Don’t forget about Noah Syndergaard, either.

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