Brad Miller notches another multi-HR game

Seattle Mariners shortshop Brad Miller hit his first two home runs of the season tonight. It makes the fourth game of his career during which he has hit two home runs.

He has only hit 10 career home runs — aka 80 percent of his home runs have come on the same night as another. This also means he has more multi-homer games (4) than games with one home run (2).

I emailed Tristan H. Cockcroft and Eric Karabell at the ESPN Fantasy Focus podcast to see if they could figure out which players, if any, have recorded more multi-homer games through the first 78 games of their careers and if any other players have recorded more multi-homer games than non-multi-homer games. We’ll see if they respond to my email their Podcast tomorrow (April 2).

Look, I’ve been hyping Miller since last year. You had all of spring training to join the bandwagon, what with how incredibly hot he was during March. The Miller train is leaving the station, and if you don’t get on board now, you may miss out. He will certainly be a popular impulse addition to rosters given his two bombs, and I think Miller — who I think is the second coming of Ian Desmond — will reward those owners handsomely.


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